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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 4, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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get to work. >> who is going to hope then? you will do monday? >> no, kelly will be here. >> kelly will do monday? >> yes. >> they are already work on staffing backup schedules and customers who come in for a haircut after work are cancelling. >> if they need to get home or to a carpool situation, they won't have that availability after work. >> many business owners admit they don't need to wait until the trains stop running to know just declaring a strike has already affected their business. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> s.f. bay berry will run extra ferries. there will be 13 vessels instead of the typical 8. golden gate transit will have no additional service, but two of its boats will be used by bay ferry. and bart will offer free charter bus service and commuters can park in any bart station parking lot with no fee if there is a strike. and san francisco will provide a shuttle service to san francisco. caltrain said it may add some additional service as trains and crew availability permit. caltrain may add additional service in trains and crew
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availability permit. >> and for people who are driving, the chp will keep carpool lanes open from five to seven pm rather than closing them during the day. and we will have the latest updates from bay area transit agencies on how they are accommodating extra passengers. we have a list of park-and-ride lots and a look at realtime traffic maps. are you can also follow us on twitter @abc7newsbayarea for the latest updates. we hope you will stay with us for developments on the bart strike. join us for live coverage tomorrow morning. we are starting early at 4:00 with abc7 news anchors. >> new, passengers on a flight to australia will be put on another flight today after their plane was forced to make an unexpected landing at sfo because of an engine failure. united airlines flight 853 took off from sfo with 342 people on board just before midnight last
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night. it was bound for sidney, but force it had to return to sfo just minutes into the flight after one of its four engines failed. no word yet on the cause. developing news from southern california. a man has been booked into custody in connection with a hit-and-run that left one person dead and 11 others injured in los angeles. authorities say the 38 man was taken into custody after the dark-colored sedan you see here drove on to the boardwalk and into the crowd just after 6:00 yesterday evening. witnesses said the driver seemed to be purposely aiming for them. >> he just drove and took that left turn down the center of the boardwalk and just started driving and bodies were scattering and bodies were flying in the air and people were screaming. it was absolute mayhem. >> when he swerved and starting gunning it down the boardwalk, you could tell he intentionally continued to drive and speed up, that's when it became like jaw dropping like you just freeze and what is happening here?
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authorities have identified the person who died as a 32-year-old man woman of italy. she was on her honeymoon at the time of this incident. campbell is being held on $1 million bail. one man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries this morning after he was shot in san francisco's bayview district. it happened just before 11:30 last night on harbor road. police say they are looking for two shooters, both described as black men wearing dark clothing. the shooting is the second in just twelve hours in the bay view. the first shooting left three gunshot victims, who all managed to drive themselves to the hospital. it happened around 3:30. the victim was a man and two women. the suspect was seen leaving in a white car. >> it was guns for gift cards at a gun buy back yesterday in
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contra costa county. 106 guns were turn in at locations in concord, antioch and richmond. people had the opportunity to bring a rifle, handgun or assault weapons and get a gift card in return. no questions asked. stolen weapons will be returned to their owners. the others will be melted down. police arrested more than 200 demonstrators during a loud protest at chevron's richmond's refinery yesterday. people were cited and released for trespassing after staging a sit-in at the facility. it began with 2500 activists and richmond residents mooring through the city accuse the company of jeopardizing air quality and hastening global climate change. >> this is a very good day to talk about chevron's local and global disregard for people. clearly locally they can care less about their neighbors. they sent 15,000 of them to the hospital last year. >> yesterday's protest comes a couple of days before the first anniversary of last year's explosion and fire at the richmond refinery. in a statement to abc7 news,
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chevron said, quote, when it comes to air quality, assertions that refinery emissions or the cause of health issues like as asthma and cancer in contra costa county are not supported by data. >> it's 9:10 right now. meteorologist frances dinglasan has a preview of what our sunday will look like. >> we will see sunshine. it will just take a little longer because we are waking up to gray skies. we can see over the golden gate bridge, temperatures in the 50s. temperatures this afternoon will be a little bit cooler. i'll have your number for your neighborhood coming up. >> sounds great. thank you, francis. also next, why russian officials are considering prosecuting lady ga ga and madonna for comments they made during concerts in moscow. and will alex rodriguez be suspended? what we learned about the slugger and how
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>> now we take to you the extraordinary situation playing out for americans in 22 countries this morning. sunday is typically a day of business in the muslim world, but all u.s. embassies there are shut down because of a new al-qaeda terror threat. abc news reporter nick has more from cairo. >> this morning across this region, some u.s. embassies look like this. the yemen embassy has local
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soldiers guarding walls, and pat downs for all visitors n cairo the embassy hides behind giant bricks. a new travel alert that warns of atrack, means americans like this 27-year-old need to take small precautions. >> you hear that there might be a threat, so i don't go downtown to where most things seem to be isolated. i don't go near the embassy for any reason. >> it started with the u.s. intercepted al-qaeda messages about attacking american interests, like embassies. one official calls it a very active plot, led by osama bin laden's personal secretary. they have been tracking chatter, but in recent days one official said a lot started blinking red. so now look at the map. every embassy that's supposed to be open right now is shut, and right in the middle cairo. americans here keeping their heads down. >> keep as low a profile as i can. obviously i'm a sizable guy that looks like what i am, an american. and that said, i don't walk into
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harm's way intentionally. avoid large crowds where i can. >> meanwhile, president obama's top military advisor and chairman of the giants chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, said the threats intercepted are significant and officials are taking the threats seriously. on" this week "he sat down in an exclusive interview with martha raditz. he said how a possible terrorist attack could be carried out, he said the threats appear to be far reaching. >> a significant threat strain and we are reacting to it. >> is the threat to blow up an embassy, consulate or something else? >> that part is unspecified burke the intent is clear. >> the intent is to what? >> the intent is to attack western, not just u.s. interests. >> a global travel alert remains in effect through the end of this month. a building demolition ended
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tragically in bakersfield yesterday. pieces of shrapnel tore through a chain-link fence and ripped a man's leg off. his other leg was severely injured. he may lose this, as well. four other people suffered minor injuries. >> in russia, two american superstars are in hotwater. officials are considering prosecuting madonna and lady gaga, and their outspoken view points may have something to do with it. we have the details from london. >> it's no secret lady gaga is an outspoken supporter of gay rights. nowhere more than in her hit song "born this way." but that's landing her in trouble in russia. last year during a concert in st. petersburg, she spoke out against the city's harsh anti-gay law. >> tonight this is my house. you can be gay in my house. >> under that law it's illegal to even speak about home me sexuality around minors. lady gaga has been accused of
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spreading gay propaganda. she's not the only one. madonna also did in a concert in st. petersburg last year. >> people have the same rights. >> now eoth of them are facing punishment. technically because their visa's didn't allow them to work in russia. but the investigation came at the urging of the official who wrote the anti-gay law. >> i think the visa charges are really a shout across the bow for lady gaga, ma done huh and other international performers who are thinking about taking up the gay rights agenda. >> that has been popular in russia, a country where homosexuals are often the target of violence. it's been so popular, the law has been adopted nationally. violators, including foreigners, face fines, deportation, even jail. in the united states they have called for a boycott of russian products, even vodka.
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some have called for a boycott of the olympics that will take police in sochi. russia said they would suspend the law for athletes during the games. russia hasn't announced plans to prosecute the pop stars, but if convicted they could face deep fines or be banned from russia. if they are charged, other big acts may cancel plans to perform in russia. so far no response yet from lady gaga or madonna, but we will probably hear soon. the obama administration has handed cupertino-based apple a victory by overturning a ban on the import and sale of older apple devices. the ban would have made selling imported apple i-phone 4s, 3gs and older models illegal. it was ordered by the u.s. international trade commission in an ongoing feud between apple
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and its chief rival, samsung. >> alex rodriguez will likely be suspended tomorrow through the end of the 2014 season. that's according to our sister network espn. the report says deliberations between a-rod and commissioner bud selig broke down completely yesterday, with selig telling officials he would know longer negotiate. espn reports as many as 12 players will also be suspended tomorrow for their roles in the biogenesis scandal. happening now, a team from the peninsula on a quest for a little league world series is back in action following a victory against a team from arizona. the belmont redwood shores all-stars are playing right now. there was a viewing party with the sale of t-shirts and proceeds go to their traveling costs. >> and we have a live look from
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our kgo roof cam, a little cool, good time to sweat it out. the half-marathon and 10k for the 2013 giant race is underway. i have some family and friends who have already finished the half-marathon. the 5k is set to start in just under two hours from now. today's event, in case you are wondering, is completely sold out. the giant race, sponsored by the san francisco giants, benefits project "open hand" which provides meals and groceries to people in need. it's always good to run on days hike this, when it's not too sunny yet because you get so hot. it's good to run in cool weather like this. >> i think it's more comfortable for the runners. it's in the mid-50s and overcast. it's actually a good day for them to run. we will see sunshine this afternoon. right now live doppler 7hd picking up a lot of the low cloud cover over the bay area. and that has spread inland. it is causing arrival delays at sfo of about 38 minutes right now. i also want to take you to a beautiful live shot looking from
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emeryville to the gray skies over san francisco. you see the bay bridge there. hopefully it won't be a terrible mess tomorrow but, of course, we will keep an eye on it and let you know your best alternate routes for possible bart strike. right now in san francisco, it's 55 degrees. oakland 57. san jose 56 degrees. and check out the south bay. in san jose, still cloudy, as well. you will get some sunshine pretty soon. in santa rosa 52 with fog being reported. novato 55. and partly sunny conditions already showing up in the interior areas, in concord at 58 and livermore 61 degrees. but you will find more of that marine layer over the golden gate bridge right now still gray. here's a story for the morning. we've got the clouds, drizzle, even some patch c fog. but it will be mostly sunny this afternoon, although temperatures will be slightly cooler compared to yesterday. and then we have the cooling trend in store for us for the next few days. here's why.
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we have the cool air mass, air circulating counter clockwise, bringing us that onshore flow through the week. as it moves closer into wednesday, it will bring temperatures down a little bit each day. then we will start to warm up again towards the end of the work week. but here's what you can look forward to today. a lot of sunny skies in the south bay. 76 in san jose, your high. 80 gilroy, 73 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula, mild as well. 67 in milbrae to low to mid-70s as you head farther south. it will get to 73 moundview. and notice the upper 50s to near 60 degrees, sunset district. 62 downtown san francisco, partly cloudy conditions, as well. and in the north bay, again, we will see temperatures from the 60s near the bay, 70s inland, mid-70s, even up to 89 and 90 in ukiah. in the east bay look for a lot of sunshine, as well. mid-s to low 70s.
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very nice in hayward at 69 degrees. and it's cooler than normal in the interior valleys. but still warm. 84 in livermore. 80 in walnut creek. it will be milder in the east bay. a few degrees colder than normal. if you are headed to the game at the coliseum, 1:05 today temperatures right near 66 degrees by the time the game starts and then it will warm up and start to cool cool down around 4:00 to 68 degrees. very sunny so bring the sunscreen. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have cooler numbers in store for us today. temperatures inland in the mid-80s. mid-70s around the bay and upper 50s along the coast. now what you will notice is midweek temperatures will drop a little bit into tuesday and wednesday. they will probably be our coolest days. thursday and friday we start to ramp back up, and then by the end of next weekend we should be closer to normal. but midweek inland areas may be about 10 degrees cooler than normal. around the bay not bad, but along the coast you notice we
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are holding steady. >> yeah, 25 degrees spread there. so a little bit of something for everyone. >> yes. >> thanks, francis. well, for all of you out there, the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. watch abc is a new way to experience abc anytime, any where, whether you are at home or out of your house, you can enjoy your gave right abc newscasts, tv shows and sports on your smartphone, on your tablet or your computer, live and on demand. it's a special new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast, charter communications, and at&t u-verse as no additional cost. go to to find out how to access "watch abc." you simply enter your tv provider account information to log in and get to watch abc live stream or search "watch abc" to downloads the app. at 9:24, next you may want to buy a power ball ticket. we will tell you how big
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wednesday's power ball jackpot will be because no one matched all six numbers last night. but someone in the bay area does have a ticket worth more than $1 million.
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>> good news if you are looking for a few hundred million dollars left in your wallet. there was no powerball jackpot winner last night. there was a buying frenzy as the
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jackpot swelled to $300 million. but since there was no winner, the next jackpot will now be an estimated $400 million. last night's winning numbers, 21, 24, 36, 42, 45. with the power ball 15. one ticket purchased at an arco station in milpitas got five of five. that ticket is worth more than $1.1 million. check your tickets. >> coming up, the clock is ticking toward another possible bart strike. if you are worried about get to go work tomorrow in the event of a strike, there's an app for that. we will show you how to works. also prince william takes a
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>> welcome back. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the
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weather. here's frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. hi, francis. >> good morning, everyone. we are still underneath a lot of the low overcast clouds right now. eventually we will see some of the blue skies by midday. currently 355 in san francisco. 59 in fremont. milder already this antioch at 68 degrees. so here's how it plays out today. it's going to be a very pleasant day around the bay with temperatures comfortable in the upper 60s, mid-60s to low 70s. along the coast it is still going to be cloudy for partial clearing by this afternoon. upper 50s to low 60s. inland temperatures will be mild to warm, but slightly cooler compared to yesterday. we are going to be in the upper 70s to mid-80s. i'll have your complete accuweather seven-day forecast coming up shortly. kira. >> francis, thank you. there are just hours left before bart's current contract expires.
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the transit agency's two largest unions and management will resume negotiations this morning. it's all in an effort to avoid a strike that could cripple the commute for thousands of people in the bay area as soon as tomorrow morning. key issues on the table include wages, pension, worker safety and healthcare costs. both bart and union negotiators are saying all sides are working to keep the trains running. >> the union is working very diligently to get an agreement. we do not, we don't want a service disruption in the bay area. we want the district to bargain as hard as we are and to recognize the 400,000 people that we carry, as well as members of the community, have a vested interest in what's going on, and they need to act responsibly to ensure they are taking this into account. >> we have no problem working on a day-to-day basis as long as we continue to meet and there's a chance of something happening. >> bart management said they remain hopeful that they can reach an agreement with the union before the current contract expires at midnight tonight.
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about 400,000 people ride bart each day. many of them were forced to drive during the strike in july. that was a holiday week so there were fewer people on the roads at the time. if a strike happens tomorrow, metro transportation officials expect 10% more traffic on the roads. if bart workers do walk off the job, bay area transit agencies say they will try to add additional service to accommodate all the stranded commuters. a.c. transit will supplement transbay lines with additional buses to and from san francisco to the best of their ability. they carried a bulk of riders a month ago during that strike. san francisco bay ferry will add additional boats. san trans will add service from daly city and other places to
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muni's 14 lines. they are asking commuters to please carpool in and out of the city. and as the threat of a bart strike looms, a lot of people are wondering how they are going to get to work. well, it turns out there is an app for that. they are even offering incentives for people willing to step up and drive carpools this week. abc7 news reporter johnathan bloom has that story and the information you may need. cars backed up for miles as workers picketed in front of. bart stations a few weeks ago. it is a mess laura remembers all too well. >> it was ridiculous. they were backed up so far back, it was unbelievable how many people were still driving into san francisco that week. >> commuters loaded up on buses and ferries and lined up on street corners for casual carpools. laura did something she's never done before, drive a carpool. >> i agreed to help people get to the office >> laura found passengers on a mobile app called carma, c-a-r-m-a. it's like carpooling without the mess at the curb. >> you can check out their profile and look at their photos and you can choose somebody and say they are going to my building.
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>> it was around for a while. during the last bart strike it all changed. >> our usage went up 9,000 percent and we maintained about 30 percent of that usage. >> it may be because they raffled off helicopter rides to a few lucky users. they posted this video on youtube. this time they are running a more practical promotion. >> pick people up and carry them into the city and we will give them $25 toward parking in the city. that happens every day next week, strike or no strike. >> to qualify you have to pick them up at one of their special locations. the speer and full some or ashby, pleasant hill or hayward bart stations. there will be other transportation app running promotion. sidecar waved their fee for drivers the last strike and lift is about to announce something. carma is different from those apps because it's not like hiring a driver. it's traditionally carpooling where you start and end in the same place and pay some money for gas. >> you are not going to make a lot of
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money using carma, but if you use it today, in the future if you need a ride, someone will give you a ride back. that's what we call good carma. >> in san francisco, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> good karma, indeed. we've assembled a rank of resources for you at including alternative transit options and realtime traffic maps. you can also download the waze traffic app to navigate the freeways. and follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. stay with abc7 news for the very latest developments on the bart strike. join us for live coverage tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 p.m. with our anchors and traffic reporter. >> authorities have identified the source as bad lettuce that that caused a bad stomach illness. that was in two states. it was a to food processing plant in mexico. but the concerns have not
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lessened. we have more. >> it's still a mystery, the source of the cyclospoia outbreak in 14 states. the cdc has sent a team to help with the investigation in texas, one of the hardest-hit states. but after six weeks we know the source, at least in nebraska and iowa. the fda linked it to a stomach flu caused by the parasite. it is linked to salad mix grown in mexico. grown on this farm and served at all red lobster and olive garden restaurants. the fda said their investigation was not implicating consumer packages sold in grocery stores. and the contaminated product is no longer being served. so while investigators believe the outbreak is over, sick people continue to be identified because without proper treatment, symptoms can continue for more than a month. that was richard besser reporting. in all, more than 400 people in 16 states have been sickened by the cyclospora infection. >> the most famous father in the world is taking a bit of time
9:38 am
off from diaper duty. prince william hit the power field yesterday with his brother harry for a charity polo match. young prince george and his mother kate did not make the trip, but prince william told people the little prince likes to move and wiggle, and that he is keeping the first-time parents on their toes. >> next on the sunday morning news, the subtle effects of climate change. we will introduce you to a researcher who is finding warning signs in small creatures on the bay area shoreline. and we have a live look at the golden gate bridge, where you see a foggy bridge. upper 50s right now. temperatures in san francisco will reach 62 today. meteorologist frances dinglasan has your forecast in a few
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most people associate climate change with dramatic events like big storms, drought or large chunks of ice disappearing from the arctic. but in most cases the effects are more subtle. here's abc7 news reporter wayne freedman with the researcher who has been looking on a much smaller scale. >> when we hear about the world's rapidly-changing climate, it's natural to assume they are talking about someplace else. we never look for evidence in our own backyard. if we do, would we know where? >> i am looking for a snail. they are called limpets. >> they call her the limpet lady. >> you get used to it. people identify you with the species you are working with. >> it might feel like a stretch to connect sea snails with climate change, but not if you spend time with her along
9:42 am
san francisco bay shore lines. the limpets are fragile creatures that survive in hot sun and cold water, which makes them unique, especially in the changing times. >> limpets are found where land meets the sea. so these animals, on a daily basis, are exposed to both air conditions on the rocks that you and i may see, as well as under water. two environments. >> two extreme environments. the question about these creatures that live in both air and water is how much change can they take? >> in the air they are really susceptible to any future changes in temperature. >> it matters because limpets are like the proverbial canaries in coal mines. brittany has collected them for three years. she's put them through a series of tests to determine how much
9:43 am
of a temperature change they can endure. she measures heart rates, oxygen consumption, metabolism. evidence shows limpets have reached their adaptive limits which renders them vulnerable. >> if they are vulnerable -- >> then a lot of other species might be vulnerable as well. >> on the seacoast, think dominoes. if the limpets disappear because of a changing climate, what's next? along the coast in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> all right. at 9:43 we want to give you a quick update about the belmont redwood shores all-stars. they are playing hawaii right know. they are up 1-0 at the top of the third. so that's exciting. meteorologist frances dinglasan joins us a preview of the forecast. >> yes. it is cloudy over most of the bay, including the peninsula. here's a live shot in san jose where we are seeing gray clouds. sunshine will breakthrough and we will see some temperatures come up. but cooler compared to yesterday.
9:44 am
i'll explain with the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, francis. also next, an error leads to extra innings in tampa as the giants try to extend a three-game winning streak. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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this afternoon the a.l. west leading a's will try to win the rubber game of their series versus the second-place rangers. first pitch is at 1:05. yesterday the a's evened the series, snapping a three-game losing streak. here's the highlights from this morning's sports. >> good morning. baseball top of the order. the a's awesome pitcher tommy malone, a triple in sacramento after allowing six runs in texas. we will start you off with some yo power as in cespedes. delivering in the first inning. matt garza trying to sneak a curveball past him. i don't think so. two-run homer, 17th of the year. 3-0, a's. hand shake time with coco crisp. move to the fifth. gerald parker cruising. ian kinzler down the left-field line. it's going foul. no it's not. that's a solo shot. rangers within a run, 3-2. day game in oakland, the dreaded sun ball. it helps brandon moss in the sixth. martinez loses it, ground-ruled double. didn't lead to a run but this does. bunting in the second. comes up. batting in the seventh. 4-2 a's. top of nine, time to rage. belfour with the high heat.
9:48 am
and swinging as he avoids the pitch. a's win 4-2. division lead now three and a half games over texas. >> you want to get off to a good start. as i said earlier, too, there are times before a good starting pitcher gets, you know, comfortable in doing his thing, you have to chance to score some runs off of him. so we played a little small ball early and cespedes was huge for us. >> giants and rays, scoreless in the second inning. escobar, deep to center off tim lincecum. looks like it is out of here. he makes the catch of the morning. timmy's reaction? i thought it was gone. top of three, brandon crawford. chopper up the gut. scoring francoeur. giants take an early 1-0 lead. the bottom half of the inning, kelly johnson, slow roller. brett fields. lincecum covering and they collide. johnson is safe at first. that would end up being an important play, few batters later, raise with runners on the corners.
9:49 am
zobrist. the chopper to second. can't turn the double play. jose molina scores, makes it 1-1. stays that way into the tenth. walked with the bases loaded. then drew the fastball. over the head of francoeur. desmond jennings score, rays get the win. 2-1. the giants three-game win streak comes to an end and they fall 11 back of the dodgers. pro football hall of fame inducted seven new members yesterday. two with local ties. warren sabin ended with the raiders and larry allen ended his career with the 49ers. phil parcels, cris carter, dave robinson and curley joins the most coveted fraternity in football. alex played twelve years with dallas, two with the 49ers. the eleven time pro bowler will tell you the story of how his career changed after getting dominate bid reggie white one sunday. >> so i got in the weight room and became the strongest man in the nfl. i did it naturally.
9:50 am
[laughter] >> i looked up the 700 pounds. he texts me twice a week for the rest of my career. >> and now he's in the hall of fame. that's the way the ball bounces. see you again tonight at five. have a great day! >> thank you, schu. another update on the all-stars. they are still winning 1-0. bottom of the third, and we want to mention you can watch the game, if you like, on our sister station that's online. francis joins us again. >> we have cloudy skies to start if you are thinking of heading outdoors. it's pleasant. although it's cool right now. live doppler 7hd picking up a lot of the low clouds that spread inland overnight. even patchy fog and drizzle early this morning. we are taking a look now from our roof camera towards the embarcadero. you see some of the runners for the san francisco giants race that's going on. there is also street closers in the area. but notice the trees around
9:51 am
blowing around so winds are very light at this point. san francisco it's 55 degrees, 57 in oakland and 57 in san jose. but you still see the marine layer there on the top of the golden gate bridge. so it's cloudy and gray with more cool numbers in santa rosa where fog was reported earlier at 52 degrees. but partly sunny conditions in concord. that's why it's 58 and milder also in livermore at 61 degrees. we are looking towards the west now from emeryville across the bay, the golden gate bridge in the distance, and it's still pretty gray out will. but things are going to change. once you get past the morning clouds, even drizzle and patchy clouds, we will see mostly sunny conditions this afternoon, although temperatures will be light slightly cooler compared to yesterday. then we have a cooling trend that stays with us through midweek. so here's why. we have this area of low pressure, this cool air mass circulating counter clockwise, bringing us a steady onshore flow. we will see a very typical
9:52 am
summertime pattern throughout the week. morning low clouds, afternoon sunshine. but as the cooler air mass moves closer, we will see our coolest numbers probably midweek around wednesday and then we will slowly start to ramp back up again by the end of the work week and into next weekend. it will be nice and mild at gilroy 80. 75 santa clara. look for plenty of sunshine, look for 75 redwood city, cloudy at the coast, partial clearing. 58 pacifica, 50 sunset district, partly cloudy downtown san francisco at 62 degrees. in the north bay, you will find everything you can expect from 58 along the coast, all the way up to 90 in awe coya, and then sunny in calistoga, upper 70s there and mid-70s in sonoma and napa. very comfortable in the east bay. temperatures ranging from mid-60s in richmond all the way to low 70s, 72 fremont and 67 in san leandro, and a few degrees cooler today, but still
9:53 am
warm in the inland valleys. 81 in san ramon. 84 in livermore. if you are travel around the state, plenty ever sunshine in northern california. 93 in chico, 82 in tahoe. look for partly cloudy conditions in los angeles. 75 degrees there. and 70 in san diego. here's a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. so what you will notice is temperatures are a little bit cooler today. so we are dropping down a few degrees. then we kind of go down a few more degrees into tuesday and wednesday. wednesday probably the coolest day of the week. then thursday and friday we start to ramp back up a little bit warmer. we will be closer to normal by the end of next weekend, but midweek inland numbers are going to be below average by as much as 10 degrees, but along the coast kind of holding steady, upper 50s to near 60. >> and it really does seem leak one of those thing we always have three very definitive climates, and you can just maybe pick which one you want to go to. >> yeah. we have something for everyone.
9:54 am
if you want it cool, head to the coast. if you like sunshine, go inland. >> thank you, francis. it's just about 9:54 right now. next we will tell you why deadheads are converging today in san francisco for an annual celebration.
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>> powerball fever is back. here are the winning numbers from last knit's $300 million draw. >> there were no tickets with all six numbers. there was one ticket sold in the bay area with five matching numbers that's worth $1 million. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $400 million. a five-year-old boy has turned over his savings to protect man's best friend. he donated every penny of his $100 in his savings to help by a bullet-proof desk for a police
9:57 am
dog. yesterday he presented the vest to the k9 eddie, the newest member of the police department. it is bought through the "cover your k9" fund. and today thousands are people are expected to be at the jari garcia amphitheater to honor the singer. he would have been 71 on august 1st. this year marks the 18th anniversary of his death. four musical acts are expected to perform during this year's event. jerry day runs from 11:30 to 6:00 p.m. admission is free. and as always, there's a lot to do around the area today. the weather, you say, should be mild? >> mild and also typical tore this time of the year. although slightly cooler than normal. also around the nation it's pretty mild. in new york it's 78, as well as in boston and 88 in portland, your high for today. here in the bay area, so we are 60 along the coast to 80s inland, 83 in antioch, 69 in
9:58 am
oakland. and look for slightly cooler temperatures midweek. >> great. thank you, francis. and thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. abc7 news continues at 5:00 tonight. ,, we will have the latest on bart negotiations as a strike looms tomorrow. have a great day. thanks again for joining us this morning!
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> cheryl: welcome to "beyond the headlines", i'm cheryl jennings. today we have a special roundtable discussion in celebration of asian-american and pacific islander heritage month. kristen seading a conversation with


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